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Rebranding a market-leading publication

Pipeline Oil & Gas Magazine is a market-leading energy publication providing the latest news, analysis, reports and interviews since 1996. Based in Dubai, this monthly B2B title is seen as an essential read for energy professionals in the oil and gas industry. 


The problem

With a monthly international reach to over 100,000 energy professionals, the design of Pipeline hadn’t altered much since it’s emergence over 20 years ago. Recognising the need to appear more contemporary, increase subscriptions and readership, DMG World Media asked us to look at refreshing the look and feel. Revised content was considered in line with the design to make it more insightful and reader-friendly.

The solution

A much tighter layout was adapted to allow for added breathing space and a cleaner grid system was introduced to help create more visual pace. Two new house typefaces, Greta and Dharma, were suggested together with a revised colour coding system to break up the editorial sections. With the incumbant masthead slightly tweaked, the front cover now uses more white space with a snapshot panel to pull out features topical to each issue.

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